Our Technology

Cutting-edge Technology is at the helm of delivering great quality and perfection in the products we serve. Advanced machinery and high standards of work culture ensure quality products and factory.

The Raw Material We Sourced Fropm Europe are produced with latest technooogy as well.Latest Generation machinery and environmentally responsible product gurantee quality prooduct all while caring deeply for MKother Earth . All Surfaces and edges are applied using high quality adhesives. This Gurantee almost non-existent glue lines as well as high heat and mosture resistance.

Our Thermo Structured are creating using Poly Urethane Glue for a clean Finish. The Solid wood Shutters Undergo water Coating technique for life-long brightness and prevention of yellowing of the wood. All cut edges are PUR bonded and carewfully cleaned by hand, ensuring that the glue lines are hardly visible, highly heat resistant and clean rounding off , So that they are ready to install!! Edge-Banding machine ensure beautiful edges, color coordination.

The highlights of the high-end machinery we use are:

We use hi-tech drilling machine that is very well known for fast processing and the end product is of superior quality .

The Beam Saw that is used at Portals has shorter cutting cycles, enabling us to do smaller cutting batches if needed arise. This has helped us cover more orders in a short span.

The gluing band post processing different edging materials in longitudinal and cross through feed are accomplished by Edge Banding machines, It Offers capacity of processing materiaqls of wide range of thickness so we can manage to offer you thickiness of your choice.

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3D Software For Interior Design

This is a 3D Softwarte used for integrating the design ofd the machine. The advantage of using this software is that it helps in faster production and helps in developing in precise design with no mistakes. Some of the key feature of the software are

    Some of the key feature of the software are
  • Generate information Required for optimization of the machines; Involves no human interventeation.
  • Supports all Current connections in the furniture and interior designing

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